Removal of RegClean Pro

RegClean Pro is a system optimization program that in no way optimizes the computer – quite the opposite. RegClean Pro is commonly installed together with other free programs without the user’s intention. In this article you will find a complete guide on how to remove RegClean Pro from your computer.


What is RegClean Pro?

RegClean Pro is a program that – according to the manufacturer – should be used to optimize your computer’s performance by, for example, optimizing speed, removing system errors, etc.

RegClean Pro is typically installed together with other free programs. However, during the installation of these programs, you have to actively opt out of RegClean Pro (typically by removing a checkmark), which few people notice; therefore, the program is often installed even though this was never the intention.

Technically, RegClean Pro is not a virus; it is a system optimizer, but RegClean Pro has many of the same characteristics as malicious programs – such as browser hijacking, pop-ups, false or misleading messages, deep installation and difficult uninstallation, user interference, etc.


The problem with RegClean Pro

In addition to the tricky installation path and the above-mentioned characteristics, there is the functionality of the program itself: When RegClean Pro is first installed, messages appear stating that there are various errors in the computer’s system, programs, startup, etc. It is highly doubtful that these errors actually exist.

If you try to correct or fix the errors using RegClean Pro, you will be met with a message that you need to buy the full version of the program before the errors can be fixed – all this to sell a program that basically does not work.

RegClean Pro can also cause problems if you choose to buy the full version of the program and run a scan or “cleanup” of your computer. This is due to the fact that RegClean Pro can delete some small parts (so-called entries) in the Windows registry database – this is one of the reasons why it is not recommended to buy the full version of RegClean Pro.

If you want to use a system optimization tool – which in many cases is a good idea – you should not pay for it. The free version of the CCcleaner tool is more than enough for most people.


Recommended methods to remove RegClean Pro


Windows Control Panel

In some cases, uninstalling RegClean Pro via the computer’s Control Panel will be sufficient to remove RegClean Pro completely. The tricky part about this method is that RegClean Pro is not always named RegClean Pro in the list of programs in the Control Panel.

However, it is always recommended that you try to remove RegClean Pro via the Control Panel before attempting to remove it by other means (i.e. using removal tools).

The uninstallation via the control panel proceeds as follows:

  • Click the Start button and select Control Panel
  • In the control panel, select the Uninstall a program link under Programs
  • Select or highlight RegClean Pro in the list of programs and click Remove
    • NOTE: RegClean Pro can also appear under other names – therefore:
    • Remove all programs published by Systweak (the company behind RegClean Pro). Click on the Published by tab to sort the programs alphabetically by publishing company
    • Look closely at programs installed on the same date as RegClean Pro – they are most likely aliases for the same program or other malicious programs. Click on the Installed on tab to sort the programs by installation date

Be aware that the actual uninstallation of a program may vary in some older versions of Windows. If the above instructions don’t make sense on your computer, start by finding out what version of Windows you have and then read about how to remove programs in your version of Windows


Uninstallation tools

Uninstallation tools – or removal tools as they are called in English – are a good solution if uninstalling via the Control Panel (above) is not sufficient.

The advantage of these tools is that they can often identify and remove RegClean Pro in cases where the user is unable to do so. The disadvantage is that you have to install one or more programs to remove another.

We recommend the following uninstall tools (in order of priority and chronological order – i.e. you should try AdwCleaner first, then Junkware Removal Tool, etc:)

  1. AdwCleaner
  2. Junkware Removal Tool
  3. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free
  4. HitmanPro

To remove RegClean Pro with the above tools, simply download and install the tool and then use it (typically by first scanning the computer and then removing the programs found ).


Avoid RegClean Pro in the future

To avoid future installations of RegClean Pro, you should follow 2 important rules of thumb:

  1. Be aware of what you are installing; nowadays, the vast majority of malicious programs are downloaded together with other free programs
  2. Always choose the manual installation instead of the standard or automatic installation (usually called custom installation). Here it is important that you deselect all options (these are typically checkmarks that need to be unchecked or radio buttons that need to be changed)

Please also note that RegClean Pro is often downloaded and installed together with:

  • PDF tools
  • download managers
  • programs for streaming
  • programs for recording video

In addition, RegClean Pro is embedded in programs on some of the larger (and more reputable) download sites, so even on these you should be careful.

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