Removal of Ask Toolbar

In this article, we have collected the best methods to remove Ask Toolbar. The methods are sorted so that the best is listed first, the second best is listed next, and so on.

The methods have also been given a maximum rating of 5 stars (★) by the article’s editor


The problem with the Ask Toolbar

Ask has a Toolbar that – like so many other Toolbars – is installed in the user’s web browser, even though this was never the intention.

Most web browsers allow you to disable or remove the Ask Toolbar, but this does not remove the program itself from your computer’s hard drive (which slows down your computer and decreases its performance).

Therefore, the optimal solution is to completely remove the Ask Toolbar from your computer – but this is often easier said than done:

Firstly, few people realize that the correct way to uninstall programs is via the Windows Control Panel
Secondly, Ask Toolbar often gives error messages such as “Close all open web browsers” during the uninstallation – and even if you close all web browsers, the error message blocks the rest of the uninstallation


Recommended methods to remove Ask Toolbar


1. Ask’s own uninstall tool ★★★★★

Ask has developed a tool for removing their own toolbar – it works as intended and can be downloaded here: ToolbarUtilityTool.exe

After downloading, simply run (double-click) the tool and with 2 simple clicks the uninstallation is complete!

2. Windows Control Panel ★★★★★

This method does not work every time, but has the clear advantage that you do not need to download or install 3rd party programs just to remove an Ask Toolbar.

In short, the method involves uninstalling the Ask Toolbar via the Windows Control Panel. If you don’t know how to do this, you can read more about it below.


3. Ask Toolbar Remover ★★★★★

Although this small piece of freeware is supposed to be able to remove Ask Toolbar, it did not succeed in all our tests. Therefore, downloading and installing Ask Toolbar Remover is not recommended. If you still want to try your luck, you can do so here

4. Revo Uninstaller ★★★★★

As with Ask Toolbar Remover above, Revo Uninstaller is a small piece of freeware that we haven’t had much success with either. Therefore, this program is not recommended for removing Ask Toolbar. For your convenience, the link to the program is here


Avoid installing Ask Toolbar in the future

Ask Toolbar is typically installed when installing or updating other programs – such as Java, which is present on most computers. When installing/updating programs like Java, you need to be aware of what you are installing.

Very often during installation (typically with checkmarks or radio buttons) you can specify whether you also want to install Ask Toolbar – and here you must be alert and remember to deselect the installation of the toolbar (in most cases, the checkmark/radio button is pre-set to install the toolbar – so it is the user who must actively deselect it).

Ask Toolbar is often installed together with other free programs – such as Java. Note that the installation also changes the browser and search engine preferences. This type of add-on should always be deselected by default

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