How to Enable “Kid’s Mode” on an iPhone or iPad (iOS)

Have you ever desired to allow your kids, grandkids, or other children to play with your iPhone or iPad? Have you returned later only to discover that this delightful little individual had unintentionally sent random texts to contacts, deleted photos, or performed other unwanted actions? Fortunately, there’s a solution for that—it’s called “Guided Access.” Many people refer to it as “Kid’s Mode” because that’s precisely how to utilize it.

If you would like to know how to enable Kid’s Mode on iPhone and iPad, this guide provides the necessary steps.


Enable “Kids Mode” on an iPhone or iPad

To activate “Kid’s Mode” on an iPhone or iPad (iOS) using Guided Access, ensure you have iOS 6 or a newer version installed.

  1. Access the “Settings” app and select “General.”
  2. Go to “Accessibility” and in the Learning section, choose “Guided Access.”
  3. Toggle the switch to ON, then select “Set Passcode” to establish a password for exiting Guided Access mode.
  4. Decide whether to Enable Screen Sleep; enabling it helps conserve battery when the device remains idle.


What does Kid’s Mode do?

Kid’s Mode locks your device into a single app and deactivates the Home Button, On/Off Button, and Volume Buttons. This provides reassurance when a cherished youngster in your life wishes to use your iOS device.

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